If you are beach-seeking traveler chances are that you were once, if not now, in a conundrum when trying to choose between the Caribbean and the sandy beaches of the Hawaiian Islands. These two destinations have comparable travel times especially from the southwestern part of the United States. For example, the distance from Hawaii to Arizona is approximately 2,800 miles and from the Caribbean Islands to Arizona is about 3,000miles.

If you are one of those whose priority is to visit as many islands as possible, note that there are only six main islands in Hawaii and about sixty five major islands in the Caribbean region. Visiting the six Hawaii islands is easier for American citizens who don’t have passports. This is similar to Caribbean islands such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the United States. However, you must have a passport before travelling to a non-U.S territory in the Caribbean.

What about Seasons?

Both low and high seasons in these two destination differ. The Caribbean receives many visitors between March and April, during the spring break in the United States. On the other hand, Hawaii is at its peak during winter and at its lowest season in fall and spring. The Caribbean Islands is at its lowest during the hurricane season which begins in June and ends in November.


It’s important to indicate that overall trip prices depend on what you want as an individual from luxury, the food you eat, and other extra splurges you enjoy. However, most visitors find Hawaii to be more expensive than the Caribbean islands.

Each of the two destinations has its own unique features and it will, therefore, depend on your preferences besides the sun and beaches. If you love water sports and surfing, Hawaii has top-notch opportunities compared to the Caribbean islands.  Both destinations have common features such as Volcanoes. However, the volcanic landscapes in Hawaiian Islands are more impressive than those in the Caribbean islands.