With multiple mega malls, five star hotels in the skyline, and rows of skyscrapers, Dubai is known to be a playground for celebrities and the rich. Although many look at this destination as a temple to the petrodollar there is far more to the city and you can have your own budget friendly experiences.

To begin with, Dubai is believed to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world today. About four decades ago, it was a small Gulf trading center. The city has since metamorphosed into one of the world’s most spectacular and glamorous urban destinations. The city features spectacular skylines and audacious architecture which makes visitors to keep returning for new discoveries. Some of the stunning developments you will meet in Dubai include the vast palm Jumeirah Island, the soaring Burji Khalifa, and the beautiful Burj al Arab.

If you want to have an experience of superlative restaurants, a haven of magical hotels, and extravagant themed shopping malls this is your perfect destination. There is a close similarity between Shanghai and Dubai. Unlike what most people have been made to believe, Dubai has a rich culture. The only difference lies in the fact that most of the culture in intangible. You’ll experience the rich culture in this city through the traditions of storytelling, dance, song, poetry, falconry as well as the Bedouin heritage.

Try visiting during autumn and spring if you want to experience the sun, sea, and sand. You’ll have all the time to bronze your body during the day and relax at night in the air-conditioned bars, shopping malls, and restaurants. The climate in Dubai is usually steamy and sweltering most part of the year. Although January used to be the optimum month to visit things have changed due to rains. The cheapest time to visit is during summer. However, temperatures average at a scorching 40 degrees during this time.

Dubai has everything to offer from a luxurious dose of shopping and sun to five star hotels and designer boutiques. If you want to go past the tourist cliches, there is much more such as the memorably quirky postmodern architectural skylines, the old Arabian houses, and the fascinating old city center. The city features a cosmopolitan assortment of Europeans, Emiratis, Filipinos, Iranians, Arabs, and Indians. This is the perfect place to experience the cultural diversity of these people.